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Sereena Interview

Sereena is single 28-year-old who works in an auto parts store. Her friend Lexi sent Serena our way. She was a military brat and was raised in Missouri, but now lives in Texas. Hear Sereena talk about being whipped with a belt with her pants down by her dad for sneaking out when she was 16. She has played some spanking games as an adult with boyfriends. Sereena then gets spanked over her tight pants, on her panties, then on her bare behind.  (M-F, 2012, length 10:12, 126 MB, $9.99)

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Shayla Interview

Shayla is Arianna's real-life daughter, who has just turned 18 and likes to write. She's originally from Illinois and now lives in Texas. Shayla talks about being whipped by a belt when she was 14 for driving her mom's boyfriend's car! She also talks about being paddled by her dad. You'll then see Shayla's very cute bottom get spanked on-camera.  (M-F, 2011, length 7:48, 128 MB, $9.99)

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Juliette Interview

Juliette is a nervous 24-year-old who was referred to us by a common friend. She works at an animal shelter. Juliette is originally from Florida, grew up in Virginia and now lives in Texas. Hear her talk about her mom spanking her with a wooden spoon and the buckle end of a belt when she was in the 9th grade. Juliette also tells how she often had to pull down her pants and underwear to receive between 10 and 30 swats. Juliette has played spanking games a lot as an adult. You'll see her spanked on-camera over her jeans, then on her bare bottom.  (M-F, 2011, length 11:59, 125 MB, $9.99)

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Jessy Interview

"Hi.I'm Jessy. And my friend Sammy talked me into trying this." From the Interviewer: Jessy is a single Oklahoma girl who works for an answering service and loves to play darts. Hear Jessy talk about being spanked by a boyfriend. Then see her spanked on-camera on her snug jeans, panties and finally on the bare butt.  (M-F, 2009, length 5:08, 75 MB, $9.99)

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Janet Interview

"Hi. I'm Janet. My friend Andrea told me about this site and a few hours later I was shooting this video." From the Interviewer: Janet is a 21-year-old divorced Texas girl who works in the automotive business. She likes to read and party. Janet was quite rebellious when she was younger. Hear her talk about her worst spanking ever, which was for stealing money from her mom. Janet's dad spanked her with the belt on her bare butt. She also talks about getting spanked with a paddle with holes by a sister in boarding school. She then gets spanked on-camera over her jeans, then on her bare bottom.  (M-F, 2009, length 11:22, 122 MB, $9.99)

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Riley Interview

"Hi. I'm Riley. My friend Amie told me about this website and I was anxious to participate!" Riley is a 23-year-old single waitress from Oklahoma. She likes riding motorcycles and has a strong interest in the S&M community, especially rope bondage. Hear Riley talk about being spanked by boyfriends. She then gets her cute little butt spanked on her jeans, panties and bare.  (M-F, 2009, length 7:55, 68 MB, $9.99)

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Andrea Interview

"Hi. I'm Andrea. My friend Windy recommended trying out this site." From the Interviewer: Andrea is a 20-something Texas girl who was very nervous about doing this. Once we got going though, she did great. Andrea is currently looking for work and has most recently been a waitress. Andrea talks about the worst spanking she ever had. It was for shoplifting in the 7th grade. Her dad found out and made her take the clothes back to the store. Afterward, he gave her 2 different spankings with his belt. Andrea also talks about being paddled at school for lying. You'll see her get spanked on her jeans then on the bare bottom.  (M-F, 2008, length 9:26, 86 MB, $9.99)

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Gia Interview

"Hi. I'm Gia. My friend Andrea referred me to this site. I love to get spanked!" Gia is a sexy 20-year-old Texas girl who is feisty and fun. She works in financial aid. Gia tells a real-life story about being spanked by her mom for breaking her mom's china. She got spanked by a "beaver paddle" on her shorts. Gia plays around with spanking in her life now. She even has a bruise before we start the on-camera spanking here! She has known she has a nice bottom since she was 13 years old. You'll see Gia spanked on her tight jeans, panties and bare butt.  (M-F, 2008, length 11:27, 112 MB, $9.99)

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Jessica 2 Interview

"Hi. I'm Jessica. I'm looking for work and just had a bad breakup. So I thought I'd try this." From the Interviewer: Jessica is a petite Texas girl who was referred to us by her friends Windy and Andrea, who have both been on this site. Jessica has known she has a nice butt since junior high school. She tells us "the guys seem to like my ass." We agree. For fun, she enjoys music and likes to dance. She is also an amateur comedienne. Jessica tells of her worst spanking, which was in high school. Her stepmother caught her sneaking out of the house. Jessica was made to pull her pants down to get it with a ping pong paddle. She also talks about her stepdad spanking her for going to an AC/DC concert! Before her on-camera spanking here, she tells about getting a playful spanking a few days earlier.  (M-F, 2008, length 11:53, 157 MB, $9.99)

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Arianna Interview

"Hi. I'm Arianna. I was looking for something different to do and this was certainly it!" From the Interviewer: Arianna is a 30-something Texas girl, who has also lived in Illinois. She is a massage therapist and enjoys music and poetry. Her daughter encouraged her to do this! Hear Arianna talk about being spanked by her stepdad after being framed by her sister. The usual procedure was for Arianna to bend over the bed as her stepdad used his big country belt on her bare butt. She then lifts her skirt for an on-screen spanking.  (M-F, 2008, length 7:50, 73 MB, $9.99)

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Camille Interview

"Hi. I'm Camille. I was spanked regularly when I was growing up. So I thought my experience would help me with this site!" From the Interviewer: Camille is an 18-year-old Texas musician. She sings and plays guitar in a band. She also enjoys horseback riding. Camille got spanked a lot up until recently. She tells a real-life story about wrecking her motorcycle and hanging out at the park when she wasn't supposed to. Her mom then paddled her about 20 times for those offenses. About halfway through, Camille was made to pull her jeans down to really feel it. She also got spanked often by her grandpa and stepdad. In fact, she just got paddled by her stepdad a few months before this video was shot. Camille talks about being paddled at school quite often, once for flirting with a teacher! Then, you'll get to see Camille spanked on her jeans, panties and bare bottom.  (M-F, 2008, length 14:44, 113 MB, $14.99)

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Erica Scott Interview

"Hi. I'm Erica and no hands were harmed during this interview!" We welcome Erica Scott to SpankingInterviews.com. Erica is obviously NOT an amateur. In this interview, she talks about having interest in spanking most of her life. But she didn't start acting upon it until a few years ago. She tried to find guys who were into it. Erica is a California girl who discovered Shadow Lane and the rest is history. She has worked with them and Spanking Epics, among others. The Shadow Lane folks saw her playing at a party a few years back and talked to her about doing videos. Erica was not spanked a lot growing up. But she does talk about one OTK spanking she got. In her spare time, Erica blogs about spanking, reads, goes to the gym and hangs with her friends. Erica then gets spanked on-camera for you to watch! If you've ever been shy about investigating your interest in spanking, watching this video might help. Erica gives quite a few tips.  (M-F, 2008, length 17:10, 178 MB, $14.99)

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Lynn Interview

"Hi. I'm Lynn. My friend Brooke recommended that I try doing this!" From the Interviewer: Lynn is a 24-year-old Texas girl who seemed a bit nervous doing this. She does talk about the worst spanking she ever got, which was from her stepdad with his belt. Lynn also talks about being spanked by hands and paddles, usually while bent over. You'll see Lynn spanked on her jeans, rainbow panties and bare butt.  (M-F, 2008, length 7:36, 92 MB, $9.99)

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Celeste Interview

"Hi. I'm Celeste. I work as a carhop at a drive-in with my friend Krista. She told me about this site." From the Interviewer: Celeste is a 19-year-old small town Texas girl who likes to ride horses. She's cute and fun. Hear Celeste talk about getting in trouble when she was growing up. She wasn't spanked then, but has been spanked by her boyfriend! And of course Celeste gets spanked here for you to watch, first on her short shorts then on her bare butt.  (M-F, 2008, length 7:07, 79 MB, $9.99)

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Klarissa Interview

"Hi. I'm Klarissa. I've modeled for my boyfriend before, but nothing like this!" From the Interviewer: Klarissa is a 23-year-old North Texas girl who works as a motel clerk. She works out a lot and likes to read. Klarissa tells a great real-life story about getting a very hard spanking from her dad for acting up in a store. He used a plastic whip-like instrument on her bare butt. She then gets spanked over her workout pants and then on the bare butt while saying "Is that all you've got?"  (M-F, 2008, length 10:13, 95 MB, $9.99)

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Nivea Interview

"Hi. I'm Nivea. My friend Kaye told me about this site. And she spanks me right here for you to watch!" From the Interviewer: Nivea is a 30-something party buddy of one of our favorite girls, Kaye. She likes to exercise and hang out with the girls. Hear Nivea talk about getting spanked by her mom with her hand. She enjoys spankings now as an adult. Kaye then spanks her on-camera for drinking too much earlier in the evening!  (F-F, 2008, length 9:11, 96 MB, $9.99)

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179 videos: interview
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