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Bebe Paddled For Smoking

Bebe knows she's not supposed to be smoking. Some good licks with a paddle help to remind her not to smoke. A very cute bottom paddled pink!  (M-F, 2014, length 2:46, 54 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  bebe, paddled, smoking, clip, hd, paddle

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Kaye Paddled In Shorts

There's nothing better than seeing a sexy girl wearing short shorts. Except it's better when that same girl is made to bend over to be paddled hard on those shorts. After the paddling, Kaye pulls down her shorts so you can see her punished bare bottom!  (M-F, 2014, length 2:54, 56 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  kaye, paddled, shorts, clip, hd, paddle

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Paddled Hard 5

The 5th in our popular “Paddled Hard” series features 5 new scenes with 5 different girls. Dallas Cowboys fan January gets paddled for staying up to watch the game instead of studying. Shayla gets paddled for having a dent-puller in her backpack. Skylar is punished for starting a fire in the microwave. Kaye is paddled to settle up on a bill. And Natalie gets her bottom paddled hard for not doing her chores. This video is nothing but hard paddlings on cute bottoms!  (M-F, 2014, length 31:55, 1850 MB, $19.99)

Tags:  paddled, dvd, january, shayla, skylar, kaye, natalie, paddle

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Amber Paddled For Being Messy

For leaving her things scattered all over the living room, Amber is paddled soundly. First it's over her tight jeans. Then she pulls the jeans down for more.  (M-F, 2013, length 4:30, 70 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  amber, paddled, messy, clip, hd, paddle

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Missy Paddled For Fighting

Missy is made to go into the bathroom for a paddling after the neighbors complain about her fighting with her boyfriend.  (M-F, 2013, length 3:03, 48 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  missy, paddled, fighting, clip, hd, paddle

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Missy Gets Paddled

A real-life situation here: Missy has fallen behind on paying her phone bill. So she gets paddled for being irresponsible.  (M-F, 2013, length 3:22, 53 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  missy, paddled, clip, hd, paddle

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Paddled In Jeans

This is for fans of girls being paddled over their very tight jeans. 6 different girls (Shayla, Sunday, Alyssa, Kaye, Lisa and Skylar) get paddled in their jeans for various offenses, including not doing chores, not managing time, getting tickets and being lazy. Each girl displays her bare paddled bottom afterward.  (M-F, 2013, length 35:49, 2080 MB, $19.99)

Tags:  jeans, paddled, skylar, lisa, kaye, alyssa, sunday, shayla, dvd, paddle

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Whitney Paddled Outside

Whitney is made to go outside for a paddling after not making her car payment.  (M-F, 2013, length 3:47, 59 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  whitney, paddled, clip, hd, paddle

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Paddled At School 11

This is the latest in our popular series featuring girls getting realistic spankings in school, then checking out their bare bottoms afterward. There are 6 completely new scenes here, featuring school paddlings for infractions like cheating, smoking, being late to class and talking in class. Shayla, Holly, Alex, January and Juliette all get paddled. Plus, Sammy and Kris return for 2 more paddlings...on consecutive days!  (M-F, 2012, length 31:11, 486 MB, $19.99)

Tags:  school, paddled, kris, sammy, january, alex, holly, shayla, juliette, dvd, paddle

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Kaye Paddled For Being Late

Val paddles Kaye on her very tight sexy jeans for being late.  (F-F, 2012, length 2:54, 44 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  kaye, paddled, clip, val, paddle

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Marilyn Paddled For Smoking

Young Marilyn is caught smoking. To punish her, she gets a paddling over her tight skirt, panties and bare bottom.  (M-F, 2012, length 5:32, 84 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  marilyn, paddled, smoking, clip, paddle

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Skylar Paddled For Not Paying Bills

Skylar gets her bare bottom paddled hard for continuing to either pay her bills late, or not at all.  (M-F, 2012, length 3:48, 71 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  skylar, paddled, paying, bills, clip, paddle

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Shayla Gets Paddled

Young Shayla is seeing a boy behind her mom's back. So after being caught, she is paddled to teach her a lesson about who to hang out with.  (M-F, 2012, length 4:00, 72 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  shayla, paddled, clip, paddle

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Kaye Returns And Gets Paddled

Kaye shows up for the first time in 3 years and is given 10 hard swats with the paddle for general purposes.  (M-F, 2012, length 3:12, 56 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  kaye, returns, paddled, clip, paddle

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Paddled At School 10

It's the 10th installment of one of the most popular series of videos we have. This time, Cat, Taylor, Enber, Madison, Kris and Sammy, LeAnne, Krista, Arianna and Camille all get paddled at school for various bad behavior.  (M-F, 2010, length 32:49, 371 MB, $19.99)

Tags:  paddled, camille, arianna, krista, leanne, sammy, kris, madison, enber, taylor, cat, dvd, school, paddle

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Krista Gets Paddled

Krista wakes up late and is late for a meeting. She gets a paddling to teach her a lesson about being on time.  (M-F, 2009, length 4:46, 86 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  krista, paddled, clip, paddle

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71 videos: paddled
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