About Us

AmateurSpankings has been spanking naughty girls' bottoms since the late 1990s. At the time there were many spanking sites on the Internet and many amateur sites too. But no one was doing spanking videos with only amateur girls until we started our friendly little site.

AmateurSpankings is based in Texas and proud of it. We think Texas girls are about as attractive as they come and about as naughty to boot, as we have certainly learned from our experiences with them. We hope you enjoy them and their spankings as much as we have.

During our first few years we produced old-fashioned VHS tapes.
We then evolved into streaming video and DVDs. Now we offer digital downloads and DVDs. All of our DVD/VHS material
can now be purchased as downloads as well.

As of June 2016 new video downloads are Full HD 1080p (fhd).
All the videos from May 2013 through May 2016 are HD 720p (hd).
Older videos are generally SD 480i with a distinct "vintage" look.
DVDs are done at the maximum DVD quality (NTSC 720x480).
All of our formats are easily playable these days.

Our girls are real amateurs with real lives. We do not use professional models. There are plenty of those around.
We also pride ourselves on being customer friendly and
we are always open to suggestions and feedback.

We update with an average of one new scenario
every week, so come back and visit often.

Happy Spankings!