Technical Support

If you had a problem downloading a purchased video you can re-download it by clicking here.
If you experience any other problems purchasing or downloading videos please contact our technical support team here.


We have re-mastered all of our videos. They are now all higher-quality MP4 downloads or DVDs.
The MP4 downloads are packaged inside ZIP (.zip) files. For example XYZ.mp4 will be downloaded as the file To extract the MP4 open the zip file the same way you open any file, probably by double-clicking it. Right-clicking may also popup a menu that allows you to open it. There are many free unzip utilities available if you need one, including 7-Zip for Windows (
MP4 videos are playable on a very wide variety of platforms and players and it is more than likely you will be able to play the video just by double-clicking it. A good free video player for Windows, Mac, Linux, and others is VLC, available from


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