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Cat Interview

"Hi. My name is Cat and I got spanked a lot growing up, so I thought I'd put it to good use!" From the Interviewer: Cat is a 25-year-old native Texan. She models lingerie and likes to shop for lingerie and walk around the house naked. You've got to love that! Cat talks about being spanked with the belt for taking her mom's car out as a teen. She also talks about being paddled at school for telling her science teacher off. She's very playful and is nervous and giggling when she gets spanked here: first on her pants then on her panties and finally on her bare bottom.  (M-F, 2008, length 11:42, 122 MB, $9.99)

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Shelby Interview

"Hi. My name is Shelby and I thought I'd check this website out because my friend Marie suggested it." From the Interviewer: Shelby is a fun, Texas country girl. She is a dog groomer and works at flea markets. Shelby is also a big NASCAR fan. Hear Shelby talk about getting paddled by her mom for running away and skipping school as a teen. She then gets spanked on-camera over her jeans, then on her bare bottom.  (M-F, 2008, length 8:41, 111 MB, $9.99)

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Taylor Interview

"Hi. I'm Taylor. I saw the ad for this website and thought it might be fun!" From the Interviewer: Taylor is a 26-year-old native Texas girl who is a bartender. She is a clothes-holic and likes to read in her spare time. Hear Taylor talk about getting the belt from her dad for wearing make-up too young. She also talks about having to often pick a switch to be punished with. Taylor is then spanked on her jeans, pantyhose, panties and bare bottom.  (M-F, 2008, length 11:20, 138 MB, $9.99)

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Brenda Interview

"Hi. I'm Brenda. My friend Windy told me to check out this website. I hope you enjoy watching." From the Interviewer: Brenda is a painter and decorator originally from West Texas. She talks about being spanked by her dad, mom and grandmother with a mesquite switch, along with a fly swatter and belt. Brenda also tells about being paddled by her teacher in the hall for passing notes during a test in school. Then her little bottom gets warmed for you to watch!  (M-F, 2007, length 10:28, 78 MB, $9.99)

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Dawn Interview

"Hi. I'm Dawn. I've known quite a few girls who have been spanked here, so I thought I'd try it out!" From the Interviewer: Dawn is a friend of our girls Cassie and Sammy. She does water and fire restoration work in Oklahoma. Dawn is also an avid frisbee golf player. She was threatened with many spankings but this is her first real one. She happily tells us that she has mooned people in public before though! Dawn then pulls her pants down and gets spanked over her panties, then on the bare bottom.  (M-F, 2007, length 8:14, 98 MB, $9.99)

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Lydia Interview

"Hi. I'm Lydia. A couple of my friends told me about this site so I thought I'd give it a try!" From the Interviewer: Lydia is a native Texan who actually enjoys being spanked. She's a writer and has done some latex modeling in the past. Hear Lydia talk about being spanked with a belt by her dad for upsetting her grandma and having a smart mouth. She also talks about being paddled at school for chewing gum and trying to get out of P.E. class. Lydia then raises her dress and gets spanked on-camera.  (M-F, 2007, length 14:38, 188 MB, $14.99)

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Clare Fonda Interview

"Hi. I'm Clare and I hope you enjoy this sit-down interview!" From the Interviewer: Our friend Clare Fonda is obviously NOT an amateur, but we've been trying to hook up with her for quite some time now. We managed to do so at a Shadow Lane convention in Las Vegas. If you're a fan of Clare's you won't want to miss this. She talks about how she got started in the spanking business. She worked at a fetish house and figured out she was interested in spanking. Clare got so many spankings there, she went ahead and transitioned into switching and doing videos. Among other things, Clare talks about the hardest spanking she ever got, which was 500 swats with a paddle. It's easy to understand why Clare is one of the best in the business after watching this interview. As an added bonus, Clare gets a real-life birthday spanking on-camera!  (M-F, 2007, length 18:35, 173 MB, $14.99)

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PJ Interview

"Hi. I'm PJ. My friend Kaye told me about this website. So here I am!" From the Interviewer: PJ is a native Texan who met our girl Kaye at the lake and decided to give this a go. PJ sells office supplies for a living. Hear PJ talk about being made to pick her own switch to be used on her by her mom while bent over the bed. She also talks about her mom using other things to spank her with. PJ then gets spanked by her friend Kaye for you to watch.  (F-F, 2007, length 7:41, 101 MB, $9.99)

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Kris Interview

"Hi. I'm Kris. My friend Sammy told me about this site. We even practiced the night before we did this!" From the Interviewer: Kris is a cute 19-year-old Oklahoma girl who came to us looking for work. She has worked in the past in a call center and as a waitress. Kris got spanked pretty often when she was growing up. Hear her talk about being spanked by her mom with a paddle and a switch. Her friend Sammy then comes in and spanks her bare bottom on-camera. This scenario is just 2 fun girls from Oklahoma doing their thing for you to watch!  (F-F, 2007, length 8:43, 125 MB, $9.99)

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Lindsey Interview

"Hi. I'm Lindsey. My friend Brooke told me about this website and I thought it was a cool idea." From the Interviewer: Lindsey is a 24-year-old Texas girl who is looking for bartending work. She likes doing that and likes to play pool. Lindsey got spanked a lot when she was growing up in Texas. Hear Lindsey talk about being paddled by her dad when she snuck out of the house. She also got spanked for bad report cards and making her teacher cry. Lindsey then lowers her jeans and gets spanked on the bare butt.  (M-F, 2007, length 9:15, 115 MB, $9.99)

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Sammy Interview

"Hi. I'm Sammy. My mom got spanked on this site a few years back, so I thought I would try it too." From the Interviewer: Sammy is a polite 19-year-old from Oklahoma, whose mom Tammy worked for us a few years ago. Hear Sammy talk about getting spanked by her grandma with a houseshoe for driving her grandpa's truck. She also talks about being paddled at school for pulling a boy's pants down! Sammy then gets spanked on-camera with her jeans and underwear down.  (M-F, 2007, length 7:05, 127 MB, $9.99)

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Sydney Interview

"Hi. I'm Sydney. I was pretty nervous about doing this after my friend Brooke told me about it." Sydney is a 25-year-old divorced native Texan who came to us looking for some work. She likes hanging out at the lake. You'll hear Sydney talk about being paddled by her dad with her pants down for breaking some dishes. He actually broke the paddle on her! Getting spanked while growing up was a regular thing for Sydney. She also talks about being spanked by her mom with a wooden spoon when she was 18. Sydney then lowers her jeans and gets spanked on her boy shorts, then on her bare butt.  (M-F, 2007, length 9:01, 93 MB, $9.99)

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Alana Interview

"Hi. I'm Alana. I just moved to Texas and my friend Kaye told me about this site. I decided to try it because it's different." From the Interviewer: Alana is a 20-something friend of Kaye's. She is originally from Louisiana. Alana waits tables now, but has also worked at hotel front desks. She enjoys playing Texas Hold-'Em. Before this, the only modeling she'd done was as a child model. Alana was spanked a lot when she was growing up. You'll hear her talk about being spanked by her dad for not taking a nap. She couldn't sit for a couple of days. Alana also talks about being paddled in middle school for fighting. She then gets spanked on-camera by Kaye!  (F-F, 2007, length 11:02, 110 MB, $9.99)

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Elaine Interview

"Hi. I'm Elaine. I've done a toy fetish video, so I thought I'd do this too. I hope you enjoy!" From the Interviewer: Elaine was referred to us by her friend Megan Marshall. She is 20-something and lives in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Elaine is a wedding co-ordinator. Hear her talk about running away to see a much older man when she was a teen. Her father found out and wore her bare butt out with his belt. Elaine was also spanked by her friend's mother at the same time! She also talks about being paddled by the principal and vice-principal for putting a peanut butter cup in a teacher's chair. Elaine is quite a character and you get to watch her get spanked on her panties, then on her bare bottom.  (M-F, 2007, length 11:57, 134 MB, $9.99)

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Leigh Interview

"Hi. I'm Leigh. I found out about this site from MySpankingForum.com." From the Interviewer: Leigh is a 25-year-old from Oklahoma who is very much into the spanking fetish. You might recognize her from MySpankingForum or some of the other internet spanking community sites as "Cajun Cutie." Leigh is a banquet captain at a country club and enjoys playing soccer. Hear Leigh talk about getting spanked with a paddle ball paddle by her mom for breaking a window at church. She had just had a spanking session with a friend the night before this was shot. Leigh gets spanked on-camera with her own belt!  (M-F, 2007, length 11:29, 142 MB, $9.99)

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Megan M Interview

Hi. I'm Megan Marshall. I'm a Texas country girl and thought I'd give this a try! From the Interviewer: Megan M is an East Texas girl who is into farming. She loves animals and raises goats. She likes to lie out naked in her private yard. Hear Megan M talk about being held up by her feet and spanked by her uncle. She also talks about her dad using the belt on her for drinking beer. Then you'll see Megan M spanked on her jeans, panties and bare bottom.  (M-F, 2007, length 10:07, 131 MB, $9.99)

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188 videos: interview
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