Best Of Renee

In the short amount of time we've been in business, Renee is by far our most requested girl. In real life, she's an administrative assistant at a music entertainment company. You'll love the 2 scenes she's in here. 1) Renee's aunt, who Renee is staying with while attending school, gets wind that Renee has stolen cigarettes from a store. The aunt gives her a sound spanking on her panties, then later on her bare bottom. She uses her hand and a sturdy hairbrush to bring her to tears. 2) Renee and her next door neighbor go out drinking. Renee and the neighbor drive back home. While pulling into the driveway, they manage to wreck the neighbor's mailbox. The neighbor's husband is insistent upon Renee finding a way to pay for the damaged mailbox. Since Renee does not want her husband to know she's been out drinking, she agrees to a spanking at the hands of the neighbor. He starts by giving his own wife a spanking over her jeans, then over her panties, then on her bare bottom. Later, Renee agrees to the same. 2 very nice looking girls get spanked and compare bottoms afterward.  (M-F, 1999, length 26:05, 518 MB, $19.99)

Tags:  renee, best, dvd, cassie, hand, hairbrush, paddle, belt

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