Jaina Interview

"Hi. I'm Jaina. I've never done any kind of modeling before. But I needed some quick cash and have a crazy streak, so I hope you enjoy watching!" From the Interviewer: Jaina is an Oklahoma secretary who is out of work. She is very cute with sexy long hair. Hear Jaina talk about being paddled in the 8th grade by her science teacher for chewing gum. She was taken out in the hall and while she was being paddled, a boy was caught watching...then HE was paddled too! Jaina also talks about playing on her parents' new car. Her dad spanked her with the belt later. She is hand-spanked on video here until her shapely bottom is pink.  (M-F, 2004, length 10:17, 152 MB, $9.99)

Tags:  jaina, interview, hand

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