Reese Interview

"Hi. I'm Reese! I took a break from my waitressing job to do this. I hope you like it." From the Interviewer: Reese is a very bubbly and personable 20-year old hottie who is a native Texan. She is a waitress in a chicken restaurant and has lived on her own since she was 13. So she's very independent. Reese talks about spankings she got from her very strict father while she was growing up as a cheerleader. She talks about being spanked with a belt and a shoe. She has known she has a good butt since she was in the 8th grade. The waitresses at her restaurant have even been known to slap her butt! Reese looks great in jeans, in underwear and bare.  (M-F, 2005, length 11:59, 164 MB, $9.99)

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