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Danielle Takes A Credit Card

Danielle gets a good, solid paddling for taking and using someone else's credit card without asking.  (M-F, 2024, length 5:53, 350 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  danielle, clip, fhd, paddle

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Danielle Spanked For Sexting

Danielle gets her bottom lit up with a belt for sexting with multiple guys.  (M-F, 2023, length 6:12, 369 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  danielle, spanked, sexting, clip, fhd, belt

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Danielle Strapped In Pantyhose

Danielle gets spanked with a leather strap. First it's on her snug pantyhose. Then it's on her cat panties and finally on her bare bottom.  (M-F, 2023, length 6:49, 406 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  danielle, pantyhose, strapped, clip, fhd, strap

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Texting While Driving

"There is nothing more dangerous, or irritating, than someone who is texting while driving. This video shows 5 different girls (Danielle, Dawnna, Shayla, Cat and Eden) being spanked for texting while driving. Hopefully these punishments teach them all a lesson!"  (M-F, 2022, length 35:53, 2080 MB, $19.99)

Tags:  texting, dvd, danielle, dawnna, shayla, cat, eden, paddle, ruler, belt, wooden, spoon

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Danielle Is Paddled By Lizzie

Danielle gets paddled by her friend Lizzie for drinking way too much at the club the night before.  (F-F, 2022, length 6:47, 404 MB, $9.99)

Tags:  danielle, lizzie, paddled, clip, fhd, paddle

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Danielle Gets Paddled In The Dining Room

Danielle gets paddled hard, for drinking again. This time she got caught hiding alcohol in various places.  (M-F, 2022, length 5:57, 354 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  danielle, paddled, dining, clip, fhd, paddle

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Danielle Doesn't Take Her Meds

Danielle gets her bottom worn out with a belt because she has not been taking her medication like her doctor told her to.  (M-F, 2022, length 6:56, 413 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  danielle, meds, clip, fhd, belt

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Danielle Spanked On The Stairs

Danielle gets a spanking while on the stairs. It's punishment for drinking too much Red Bull and buzzing around.  (M-F, 2022, length 5:07, 305 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  danielle, spanked, stairs, clip, fhd, paddle

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Danielle Not Wearing Underwear

Danielle gets a paddling for being out in public and not wearing underwear beneath her dress.  (M-F, 2022, length 5:59, 356 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  danielle, underwear, clip, fhd, paddle

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Danielle Paddled For Not Following Through

Danielle gets her cute bottom paddled for not taking care of a bedroom cleanup for guests.  (M-F, 2021, length 5:31, 328 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  danielle, paddled, following, through, clip, fhd, paddle

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Danielle Spanked With A Serving Paddle

Danielle steals a food serving paddle from her workplace. So she gets spanked with it!  (M-F, 2021, length 4:46, 283 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  danielle, paddle, spanked, serving, clip, fhd

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Danielle Spreads Her Cheeks For A Spanking

Danielle has been vaping again. A different kind of punishment, something a bit stronger, is now called for. So she is made to spread her bottom cheeks for a very intimate spanking this time!  (M-F, 2021, length 5:27, 324 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  danielle, spreads, cheeks, spanking, clip, fhd, hand

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Danielle Gets A Piercing

Danielle gets her lip pierced without telling anyone. It's the perfect reason for a paddling!  (M-F, 2021, length 4:05, 243 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  danielle, piercing, clip, fhd, paddle

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Danielle Misses Work

Danielle gets 10 hard licks with a wooden paddle for being irresponsible and missing work.  (M-F, 2020, length 4:31, 269 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  danielle, misses, clip, fhd, paddle

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Danielle Spanked By Miss Katherine

Danielle has not been wearing her mask and social distancing. So Miss Katherine takes Danielle over her lap for a hand and hairbrush spanking. This video introduces Miss Katherine to AmateurSpankings.  (F-F, 2020, length 5:17, 314 MB, $9.99)

Tags:  danielle, miss, katherine, spanked, clip, fhd, hand, hairbrush

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Danielle Has Another Wreck

A real-life scenario. Danielle gets a hard, bare bottom belt whipping for once again being irresponsible with her car.  (M-F, 2020, length 7:00, 417 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  danielle, clip, fhd, belt

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68 videos: danielle
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