The Plastic Rod

We got the idea for this video from one of our customers who suggested that we start using a white plastic rod that you can find in Lowe's. What a great suggestion! Two different girls receive the plastic rod in this video. Val is overextended and is punished with 25 licks. Then Samantha is caught drinking on her private school's property. Her dad asks the school counselor to use the plastic rod on her. After a hand-spanking, that's exactly what happens. We originally shot a longer version of this as a custom video for a British customer. You'll like the result. The plastic rod does a nice job of striping and welting these 2 cute bottoms.  (M-F, 2002, length 34:54, 689 MB, $19.99)

Tags:  plastic, rod, dvd, val, amie, samantha

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