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Amie Gets The Wooden Hanger

Amie has her bottom warmed with a solid wooden hanger for smoking  (M-F, 2009, length 4:03, 75 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  amie, wooden, hanger, clip

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Amie Is Spanked By A Friend

Amie gets her 27th birthday spanking from a friend of hers. 27 hard swats plus 1 to grow on!  (M-F, 2009, length 4:34, 54 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  amie, spanked, clip, paddle

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Amie Gets The Fly Swatter

Amie gets whacked with a flyswatter for coming in way too late.  (M-F, 2008, length 4:53, 73 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  amie, clip, flyswatter

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Amie And Kaye

Both of these brats get the belt for not doing their chores and hanging out at the lake.  (M-F, 2008, length 3:40, 44 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  amie, kaye, clip, belt

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Amie Makes The Bed

After getting a spanking reminder, Amie decides to make the bed.  (M-F, 2008, length 3:14, 40 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  amie, clip, hand

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Amie And Danielle

These 2 brats get OTK spankings for text messaging while driving.  (M-F, 2007, length 4:51, 68 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  amie, danielle, clip, hand

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Amie Late On Rent

Amie gets the belt across her bottom for being late on the rent.  (M-F, 2007, length 3:31, 55 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  amie, clip, belt

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Amie's Birthday Spanking

25 swats with a paint stick plus 1 to grow on for Amie.  (M-F, 2007, length 3:28, 55 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  amie, spanking, clip, paint, stick

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Texas All-State

9 girls: Melissa, Amie, Kaye, Heather, Amber, Roxy, Lisa, Lexi & Danielle, all get spanked in public at the TASSP in March '07.  (M-F, 2007, length 5:22, 145 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  texas, all-state, clip, melissa, amie, kaye, heather, amber, roxy, lisa, lexi, danielle, paddle

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Hairbrush Spankings 2

Our first hairbrush-only spanking video has been one of our most popular ever. So we’ve put together another one for you to enjoy. Here are 4 different scenes with 4 different girls getting a good dose of the old-fashioned hairbrush. Melissa hasn’t been checking in. Brooke is in trouble for spending too much. Amie has been staying up too late and not getting her chores done. And Roxy comes in late. All 4 girls end up with rose-colored bottoms colored by the hairbrush.  (M-F, 2007, length 29:44, 450 MB, $19.99)

Tags:  hairbrush, spankings, dvd, melissa, brooke, amie, roxy

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Amie And Cassie

These 2 brats get paddled for not taking care of Amie's car.  (M-F, 2007, length 4:30, 31 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  amie, cassie, clip, paddle

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Amie Is Switched

Amie is made to go in the backyard to get a switch. She is then switched for partying too late.  (M-F, 2007, length 4:41, 83 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  amie, switched, clip, switch

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Amie's Hot Buns

Amie gets the belt for oversleeping.  (M-F, 2007, length 4:34, 29 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  amie, buns, clip, belt

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Amber And Amie

Amber & Amie get spanked with the big paddle for shopping too much.  (M-F, 2006, length 5:35, 91 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  amber, amie, clip, paddle

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Amie Checks In

For the first time in 4 years, Amie comes back for a spanking. To welcome her, she gets 10 swats with the paddle.  (M-F, 2006, length 4:51, 77 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  amie, clip, paddle

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Amie Skips School

Amie sleeps through school and gets a whipping with the belt.  (M-F, 2006, length 4:49, 67 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  amie, skips, school, clip, belt

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25 videos: amie
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