Danielle Interview

"Hi. I'm Danielle. My friend Tina told me I'd be great for this. So you get to watch me get spanked for the first time since my dad did it a long time ago." Danielle is a 24-year-old married, native Texan. Her husband has no idea she's done this. She is an out-of-work dispatcher and former waitress who is looking for work. We were happy to help! Danielle tells a story about being spanked by her dad for having bad grades. She tried the old trick of putting on extra pairs of underwear, but her dad figured that out and made her pull them all down and grab her ankles. You'll love when she pulls down her pants and reveals her Spider-Man underwear! Danielle is very small but has an outstanding little bubble butt. She'd never modeled or done anything like this before. But we see to it that she leaves with a pink bottom!  (M-F, 2004, length 10:13, 116 MB, $9.99)

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