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Hairbrush Spankings 3

This is the latest in our popular hairbrush spankings video series. There are 6 new scenes with 6 different girls. Danielle, Alyssa, Natalie, Lacy, Gretchen and Whitney all get their bottoms lit up with a black hairbrush. These bad girls are spanked for everything from texting and driving to wearing shorts that are too short and not taking care of a pet. 6 red bottoms on display for you to watch!  (M-F, 2015, length 33:12, 1920 MB, $19.99)

Tags:  hairbrush, spankings, dvd, danielle, alyssa, natalie, lacy, gretchen, whitney

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Danielle In Pajamas

Danielle gets her cute little bottom spanked with a hairbrush for not putting away her phone when she's supposed to be in bed.  (M-F, 2015, length 4:07, 94 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  danielle, pajamas, clip, hd, hairbrush

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Spanked On Panties

If you enjoy seeing girls getting spanked on their panties, this video is for you. There are 8 different scenes featuring 8 different girls. All get spanked soundly over their panties. Then you get to see their bare red bottoms after the spankings. Danielle, Kaye, Shayla, Serena, Skylar, Alyssa, Natalie and Lacy all get spanked for various things like using a phone while driving, being late, not doing chores, driving with an expired license and changing hair color.  (M-F, 2014, length 35:35, 2060 MB, $19.99)

Tags:  panties, spanked, dvd, danielle, kaye, shayla, serena, skylar, alyssa, natalie, lacy, paddle, hairbrush, belt, hand

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Val Spanks 3 More Girls

Christy, Alex and Lacy arrive very late for an appointment with Val. So Val has each girl pull down her shorts and take a bare bottom hairbrush spanking.  (F-FFF, 2014, length 9:56, 191 MB, $9.99)

Tags:  val, spanks, clip, hd, christy, alex, lacy, hairbrush

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Lux Gets The Hairbrush

Lux is made to pull down her pants and lie across the couch for a spanking with a hairbrush. She has not paid her phone bill.  (M-F, 2014, length 3:42, 71 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  lux, hairbrush, clip, hd

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Cat gets a good over-the-knee spanking with hand and hairbrush for messing up the TV remote.  (M-F, 2014, length 3:22, 65 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  otk, clip, hd, cat, hand, hairbrush

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Val Spanks Missy

Val spanks Missy with a hairbrush for wearing an inappropriate t-back. Very authentic!  (F-F, 2014, length 2:06, 41 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  val, missy, spanks, clip, hd, hairbrush

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Missy Gets The Hairbrush

In a real-life scenario, Missy has not been reporting for her community service. As a reminder, she is given a good spanking with a hairbrush.  (M-F, 2014, length 3:37, 70 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  missy, hairbrush, clip, hd

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Kaye And Erica

These 2 smart alecks missed a modeling appointment at the Shadow Lane party weekend in Las Vegas. So they are both spanked with a solid hairbrush for being irresponsible.  (M-FF, 2013, length 8:21, 130 MB, $9.99)

Tags:  kaye, erica, clip, hd, scott, hairbrush

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Kaye Doesn't Pay Her Bills

Kaye has fallen way behind on her bills. So she is taught a lesson with the hairbrush, first on her very thin underwear and then on her bare behind.  (M-F, 2013, length 4:11, 81 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  kaye, bills, clip, hd, hairbrush

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Arianna Spanked With A Hairbrush

Shayla's mother Arianna also gets spanked soundly with a hairbrush for hanging out with bad people.  (M-F, 2013, length 3:44, 72 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  arianna, hairbrush, spanked, clip, hd

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Shayla Gets The Hairbrush

Shayla gets her bottom warmed good with a hairbrush for unnecessarily running up a bill.  (M-F, 2013, length 4:34, 88 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  shayla, hairbrush, clip, hd

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January And Kaye Get The Hairbrush

January and Kaye both forgot plans. So Val warms their cute bottoms with her hairbrush.  (F-FF, 2012, length 6:07, 105 MB, $9.99)

Tags:  january, kaye, hairbrush, clip, val

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Kaye Spanked With A Hairbrush

Kaye gets the hairbrush across her bottom for drinking in front of her young child.  (M-F, 2012, length 3:52, 83 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  kaye, hairbrush, spanked, clip

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Whitney Gets The Hairbrush

Whitney gets her bottom reddened with her own hairbrush for taking too long to get ready.  (M-F, 2009, length 5:09, 76 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  whitney, hairbrush, clip

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Skylar's Dog

Skylar gets spanked by hand, hairbrush and belt for bringing a stray dog home.  (M-F, 2008, length 9:38, 136 MB, $9.99)

Tags:  skylar, clip, hand, hairbrush, belt

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81 videos: hairbrush
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